Why 底特律? 访问ors Converge on a City on the Rise

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底特律 is welcoming and accessible

“底特律是一个充满创意,知识和技术资本的地方,这里已经腾出空间来发展利基市场和创新业务,”LTU设计与技术设计中心助理主任兼DCDT主任Christopher Stefani说’s Design Incubator. “即使通过我们最近的复兴,这座城市和她的市民仍然可以方便地前往当地人和游客。


Accessible also means easy to reach. And visiting the Motor City means more than hopping on the highway by car. The city is a major hub for airlines through 底特律 Metro Airport. Buses, town cars, Uber and Lyft make it simple to 从A点到B点 – as does ZipCar. Later this year, the QLine rail system will debut, linking Midtown and downtown 底特律 in new ways.

底特律 shows off its community pride

底特律ers have a strong sense of community. 底特律 businesses thrive 谢谢 a cooperative and supportive effort that can be felt from the city’的商店和非营利组织,供大型公司使用。

“2014年,美国绿色建筑委员会选择底特律主持融合会议,这是我们全球思想领袖,变革推动者,敬业志愿者,合作伙伴,成员和员工的会议,”USGBC社区副总裁Kate Hurst表示& Events. “Detroit’创新的遗产,深厚的社区自豪感和积极的复兴是我们会议的完美背景’s goal: fueling our inspiration and dedication to charting a course for the future of our buildings, cities, and communities. Meeting in 底特律 sealed our commitment to the region, and I’m happy to say we just hired our first local staff person in 底特律 to advance our work in the region.”

底特律 embraces talent and exudes opportunity

As founder of Logical Owl, Marvin Williams helps business owners capitalize on the opportunities that are available, and growing, in 底特律.

“企业主不仅来自密歇根州,” said Williams. “I am working with more companies moving here to invest in 底特律 from New York, Miami, even 德语y. More and more people are realizing the wealth of opportunities in 底特律 and the impact they can make in the community. Those opportunities and the people capitalizing on them are what makes this city great.”

底特律 celebrates art, music and culture

What else makes 底特律 a fantastic place to visit, live 要么 work? Ask the 纽约时报 你呢’ll see 底特律 is brimming in arts, culture and food.

Recently designated by UNESCO as a City of Design, 底特律’展示着丰富的艺术和文化。这是一座城市 烹饪运动. This is no surprise to 底特律ers
谁知道他们’re well-fed. Downtown 底特律 can satisfy anyone with a selection of fine established restaurants like 伦敦印章馆 要么 乔·穆尔海鲜 来做新厨师
中心餐厅如 沙特尔厨房& Cocktails。长期以来它一直是 底特律-style pizza 谢谢 伙伴’s Pizza 和最好的康尼狗的战场。

是, 底特律 is the home of 莫敦 唱片和这座城市,众多标志性的音乐家和音乐风格开始了。那里’s no shortage of music, theater 要么 art to take in when you visit 底特律.



  1. 1
    155 W. Congress St., 底特律, MI 48226
  2. 2
    400 GM Renaissance Center, Ste. 1404, 底特律, MI 48243
  3. 3
    沙特尔厨房& Cocktails
    15 E. Kirby St., Suite D, 底特律, MI 48202
  4. 4
    伙伴's Pizza - 底特律
    17125 Conant St., 底特律, MI 48212